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New Diapers!!!

Posted by Lerin on March 7, 2009 at 2:42 PM

 I'm so excited!!! I love cloth diapers!  And I got some new ones.

  I don't do the traditional plastic pants & pins- I use pocket diapers. I use disposables at night (more on that in a minute) and when I'm going to be on the go and running multiple errands.

 At any rate- I use the disposables at night, since Eowyn sleeps primarily on her side. When she's on her side in the pocket diapers, her pee comes right out, all over the place. The pocket diapers that I bought intially, there were soo tiny, I was only putting one flat fold in there. I tried all different ways of folding it. Then I started putting a washcloth in with the flat fold, just in the crotch.  That works really well when she's upright, flat on her back, or flat on her tummy. 

  She's growing like a weed, so I started looking into buying a bigger size, but found a one-size option. I went ahead and ordered one to try it out. It came with a microfiber (towel type) insert, so while I was waiting on the one-size, I searched for microfiber inserts. I checked fabric shops first. I finally settled on some waffle-weave kitchen towels at Wal-Mart. They work really well, but still that leak on the sides.

  My mom, taught me every frugal thing I know, suggested that we look in the car section. I'd haflway thought of that, picturing those yellowy-orange chamois things that my dad uses on the cars. I did find a 24 pack of the towels at Sams. I washed them this morning, and they're on the line now. Also, my one-size diaper arrived too, with it's own microfiber insert- some thing, but a better quality. The 'car' towels aren't as bulky as the 'kitchen' ones, luckily- even when I've got them doubled.  Eowyn's sleeping now, but the next time I change her, I'm going to use the one size with one 'car' towel and see how it goes. I'm just soooo excited! I couldn't wait til I tried it out to post about it.

  The funny thing is- she leaks pee in the pocket diapers, but no poo. In disposables, she leaks poo but no pee.  I've taken regular care of enough babies since I was 10  (my younger bro, my sisters 3 kids and now my 2) to say, that my little Eowyn is the most poopingest baby I've ever had the pleasure to change.

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Reply Julie
6:25 PM on March 7, 2009 
Let us know how they work out. Are you going to try these at night?
Reply Gwen&Lilasmama
7:46 PM on March 7, 2009 
I LOVE cloth diapers! I will admit to having a slight (actually it may be beyond slight) addiction. Which one size pockets did you get? We used haute pockets and bumgenius with my oldest (we had others but used those 2 the most) and I actually often stuffed them with the microfiber towels from the auto section at Sams.

When I got pregnant with the baby I decided to go with more natural fibers than the pockets so we use mostly fitteds or prefolds covered in wool. If you need help finding a good cloth night time solution let me know, we've tried just about everything until we finally found what works for us. My little one is also a super soaker overnight. My oldest never had problems leaking in the pocket diapers but they leak for Lila every time.
Reply free2beme23
1:10 PM on March 8, 2009 
I am getting ready to make my own diapers off a pattern I got online. I have some made like the pattern & they work pretty good. If anyone wants the pattern let me know.
Reply Lerin
1:20 PM on March 8, 2009 
Gwen&Lilasmama- I would love to know your nighttime solution! The OS that I got is a KCK OS Pocket Diaper. I bought it from a seller on Etsy.
I don't know how the OS works with pee, b/c as soon as I put it on her yesterday she pooped. It didn't do great with the poop though. The small KCK pocket diapers that I have, the inner material is a plush terry type material, and is great for instantly wicking away all the moisture from her poop. The OS inner layer is flannel. It didn't wick very well at all.
Julie-for overnight what I thought of doing, was putting a small KCK on her, and then the OS over the top, with no insert. She'd have an awfully big bum then, and I don't know that I'd be able to get anything to fit her then! Another thing, is sometimes she wakes up a couple of times in the night, and I change her, and sometimes she doesn't sleeps almost thru the night. I didn't try it last night b/c it was in the pail.
Reply Gwen&Lilasmama
2:17 PM on March 8, 2009 
For overnight we actually use a premium cotton prefold with a trifolded infant size bamboo prefold inside. I pin that on her and then put a wool soaker on top (usually babyology or disana). I have put A LOT of money into finding a good night time solution and have bought a lot of the expensive fitted diapers that claim to be great at night but when it comes down to it the prefolds work best and really she seems like she's the most comfortable in them. Lila nurses almost all night long so she pees a ton and we never have leaks with that.

Some other night time diapers I've tried are Bag shot row bamboo and they are probably my 2nd favorite option, they worked well and we didn't have leaks but for the price they didn't work any better than prefolds. Also holdens landing bed bugs work amazing but I just can't shell out $36 a diaper for overnight.

Where are the diapers leaking for you? Is it coming out the legs or is she soaking through all the fabric? If she is soaking through all the fabric you could try putting a fleece or wool cover on top of the diaper. They should help to keep things dry and avoid waking up in a wet bed.

I wouldn't worry about the big bum overnight, that is just the way of overnight cloth diapering. If it is chilly then I put Lila in a pair of baby legs to keep her legs warm but since she sleeps with us she usually doesn't have an issue being cold anyway.
Reply Julie
2:31 PM on March 8, 2009 
Angie, how do you like wool soakers? I really wanted to try them with Zoe, but didn't think of of it till we were nearly done with diapers, so I want to try them next time around. I have a ton of patterns for knit ones that I want to try.
And Lerin, she's right. big butts are just the way of a CD babies life at night.
Reply Gwen&Lilasmama
2:37 PM on March 8, 2009 
I love wool for diaper covers. We use the soakers for overnight and then typically longies/shorties during the day. I'm sure Lila will be sporting some sort of wool cover tomorrow so you can check it out. They are so breathable and keep their bottoms cool. I'm trying to stay with more natural fabrics for diapers and you don't get much more natural than wool. Plus there isn't any tight elastic or cuffs to cut into her skin. It just seems more comfortable.
Reply tmandras
9:18 AM on March 10, 2009 
I loved cloth diapering :)
I used prefolds w/ MF folded in the middle & some fitteds at night and they worked great w/ wool as a cover! They do end up w/ big bums but my DD never cared... I guess she was just used to it!