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New Diapers!!!

Posted by Lerin on March 7, 2009 at 2:42 PM Comments comments (8)

 I'm so excited!!! I love cloth diapers!  And I got some new ones.

  I don't do the traditional plastic pants & pins- I use pocket diapers. I use disposables at night (more on that in a minute) and when I'm going to be on the go and running multiple errands.

 At any rate- I use the disposables at night, since Eowyn sleeps primarily on her side. When she's on her side in the pocket diapers, her pee comes right out, all over the place. The pocket diapers that I bought intially, there were soo tiny, I was only putting one flat fold in there. I tried all different ways of folding it. Then I started putting a washcloth in with the flat fold, just in the crotch.  That works really well when she's upright, flat on her back, or flat on her tummy. 

  She's growing like a weed, so I started looking into buying a bigger size, but found a one-size option. I went ahead and ordered one to try it out. It came with a microfiber (towel type) insert, so while I was waiting on the one-size, I searched for microfiber inserts. I checked fabric shops first. I finally settled on some waffle-weave kitchen towels at Wal-Mart. They work really well, but still that leak on the sides.

  My mom, taught me every frugal thing I know, suggested that we look in the car section. I'd haflway thought of that, picturing those yellowy-orange chamois things that my dad uses on the cars. I did find a 24 pack of the towels at Sams. I washed them this morning, and they're on the line now. Also, my one-size diaper arrived too, with it's own microfiber insert- some thing, but a better quality. The 'car' towels aren't as bulky as the 'kitchen' ones, luckily- even when I've got them doubled.  Eowyn's sleeping now, but the next time I change her, I'm going to use the one size with one 'car' towel and see how it goes. I'm just soooo excited! I couldn't wait til I tried it out to post about it.

  The funny thing is- she leaks pee in the pocket diapers, but no poo. In disposables, she leaks poo but no pee.  I've taken regular care of enough babies since I was 10  (my younger bro, my sisters 3 kids and now my 2) to say, that my little Eowyn is the most poopingest baby I've ever had the pleasure to change.